Postdoctoral Fellows

Education and Training

  • Current, Postdoctoral Fellow, LICR, UCSD School of Medicine
  • Ph.D., Human Genetics, UCLA (2008)
  • M.S., Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University (2003)
  • B.S., Biological Sciences and Technologies, Nanjing University (2000)


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1. Undergraduate Scholarship, Nanjing University. 1996-2000.
2. China Merchants Bank Scholarship. 1997.
3. Deep Gene Student Travel Awards (NSF Grant DEB-0090227). 2003.
4. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. 07/2006-07/2008.
5. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Travel Award for 5th Annual Meeting of International Society for Stem Cell Research. 2007
6. Keystone Symposia scholarship. 2008.
7. International Rett Syndrome Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship Award. 10/2009-12/2011